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Who We Are

Ecodrive CNG Works is a one stop service centre for CNG and LPG kit installation. With a dedicated facility centre and a Government approved workshop, we cater various services related to alternate fuel equipments.

What We Do

Ecodrive CNG Works, offers a bundle of services along with CNG and LPG Kit fitments. Periodic servicing of kits, on the spot repairs for minor issues and proof pressure testing are some of our popular services for which you can always look forward to us.

Why CNG?

Natural gas is produced both worldwide and domestically at relatively low cost as compared to gasoline or diesel. Moreover, while the combustion of CNG also produces some green house gasses, it still remains a better and environment friendly alternative as compared with other fuels. CNG powered vehicles result into reduction of ozone-forming emissions. A CNG kit is sealed, which prevents spills and eliminates any chances of evaporation loss. Moreover, even if there is a case of spill or leakage, CNG still remains safer as compared to gasoline. This is because of the fact that CNG is quite lighter than air and has narrow flammability range; hence, it gets immediately dispersed when released in air.

Media Covreage



“My Maruti Suzuki Wagon R gives a mileage of 27 km/kg of CNG. Many thanks to ECO DRIVE CNG WORKS!”

-Siemon Dias

I was worried about engine pick-up with CNG kit installation. But my Hyundai Accent runs like a dream speed machine. All thanks to Ecodrive. They have done a great job!”

-Ramesh Desai