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CNG Kit Fitment

We have an experience of fitting sevral kits till date. After the pre-installation procedure is over, our expert mechanics modify your automobile, following stringent safety rules. We install "high-quality" and "best in the class" CNG kits only.

LPG Kit Fitment

We install government approved LPG kits in petrol/diesel vehicles. The procedure of fitment is done by efficient experts from our team, so as to ensure that the output is best.

Supply Original CNG/LPG Kit Spares

Ecodrive CNG Works supplies original spares of CNG/LPG kits to the customers and other workshops.

Servicing/ Maintenance of CNG/LPG Kits

Cars having CNG/LPG kits installed need to follow the recommended service and maintenance guidelines. Our team follows a strict routine service checkup and try their best to resolve the issues mentioned by you while leaving your vehicle for servicing purpose. It is your duty to keep your automobile in good condition, and hence, increase its efficiency, by servicing it at recommended intervals.

Modified Hydrostatic Testing

Hydrostatic testing is a procedure of checking fluid pressure vessels like cylinders, boilers, pipes, tubes to identify whether they have any manufacturing flaws, leakage problems or other distortion issues. This test maintains the safety standards of the equipment and ensures that it is safe under operating conditions. It is essential to check that the product has qualified hydrostatic test. After regular intervals (preferably every 4-5 years) same quality check procedure, which is called proof pressure testing or modified hydrostatic testing is highly recommended for CNG/LPG kits. You can get this modified hydrostatic test done at Ecodrive CNG Works in order to re-qualify the safety standard of your CNG/LPG cylinder and hence, avoid any untoward incident. Read more about hydrostatic testing at

Petrol to CNG/LPG Conversion

We offer petrol engine to CNG/LPG engine conversion services for privately owned vehicles, commercial vehicles and public transport vehicles as well.

Diesel to CNG Conversion

We offer services of converting diesel engine to CNG engine only for public transport buses and commercial vehicles. Privately owned and commercial vehicles with diesel engine can be converted into LPG vehicles.

Free Pickup

Want to fit a CNG/LPG kit? If you reside in the circle of 50 kms from service station, we can arrange a free pickup for your vehicle.


“My Maruti Suzuki Wagon R gives a mileage of 27 km/kg of CNG. Many thanks to ECO DRIVE CNG WORKS!”

-Siemon Dias

“I can now afford to drive my favourite Fiat Linea everyday and the complete credit goes to guys at Ecodrive CNG Works!”

-Hasmukh Gala

I was worried about engine pick-up with CNG kit installation. But my Hyundai Accent runs like a dream speed machine. All thanks to Ecodrive. They have done a great job!”

-Ramesh Desai

"My Maruti Suzuki Swift now runs on LPG and gives a mileage of 14km/ltr. Moreover, its performance is still like a petrol run car! Thanks to Ecodrive CNG Works!"

-Mansur Shiekh


Ecodrive CNG Works is an authorised franchisee of Rohan BRC. We install only those CNG/LPG Kits that offer high reliability and efficiency, and are approved by DOE and ARAI. It is essential to fit approved kits for getting your vehicle insured.

Rohan BRC

Rohan BRC is a joint venture between Rohan Automotive Equipment (India) and M.T.M. BRC Gas Equipment (Italy). Rohan BRC is a leading manufacturer of CNG and LPG kits used for converting petrol and diesel engines into alternative fuel engines.

Landi Renzo

Landi Renzo SpA, a global-leading company, holds 23% market share of automotive fuel equipments, which primarily includes CNG and LPG kits. Landi Renzo CNG kits are government approved and widely used in a range of automobiles across the nation.