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Stepwise Procedure

  • Submit the necessary documents to RTO for getting permission from Inspector of Motor Vehicle (IMV) (Check the List of documents)
  • You get approval/ permission from IMV for CNG kit installation
  • Place order for kit fitment and leave your vehicle at our service station
  • Our experts work on the installation procedure
  • We ready your modified vehicle on the mentioned delivery date
  • Take your vehicle for inspection procedure at RTO
  • You get the new RC Book at your doorstep (Make sure that your postal address is accurate)

List of Documents Required

  • Original RC Book
  • Xerox of latest vehicle insurance
  • Original hard copy of NOC from bank (In case of vehicle loan from a bank, which is still not paid off completely)

Service Backup

  • The kits we install are extremely low on maintenance and come with one year replacement warranty.
  • We offer full service backup for 1 year from the date of purchase of CNG/LPG kit.

Tips for Better Performance

  • Change spark plugs every 6 months
  • Follow this maintenance routine
Checklist First Service Every 1500 kms Every 3000 kms Every 10000 kms Every 20000 kms Every 40000 kms Every 6 Months Every 5 years
Mounting of CNG Kit                
Air Filter Cleaning                
Air Filter Replacement                
Spark Plug & Ignition System                
Reducer Overhauling                
Hydrostatic Testing