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CNG ... Clean Non-toxic Green

Natural gas is produced both worldwide and domestically at relatively low cost as compared to gasoline or diesel. Moreover, while the combustion of CNG also produces some green house gasses, it still remains a better and environment friendly alternative as compared with other fuels. CNG powered vehicles result into reduction of ozone-forming emissions. A CNG kit is sealed, which prevents spills and eliminates any chances of evaporation loss. Moreover, even if there is a case of spill or leakage, CNG still remains safer as compared to gasoline. This is because of the fact that CNG is quite lighter than air and has narrow flammability range; hence, it gets immediately dispersed when released in air.


Types of CNG/LPG Kits

Sequential Reducer Kits
Sequential Reducer Kits are quite popular among the customers. These kits include different types of tools and equipments, which facilitate the installation process. Moreover, this type of kit has advanced features of euro IV technology. With this technology and high quality fuel injection system, it offers improved engine performance. Many experts believe that you can get petrol-like performance with sequential kit installed in your vehicle. Though available at a higher cost, if installed, one will save a good sum on monthly fuel expenses, as compared to the traditional petrol run engines. You can choose from two different types of reducers, viz. with coil and without coil. Both the reducers consist of a filter within their frame, which can be easily replaced as and when needed.

Open Loop System Kits
Open Loop System Kits consist of extremely advanced elements. If you are looking for a trouble free and durable kit, then this is the type to opt for. The kits that we install are only the ones which are tested, quality checked and approved. This ensures that its quality, efficiency and performance are up to the mark. Most of the open loop system kits contain Advanced Timing Sensor/Emmulator MPFI. Further these keep the gas flow as per the engine requirement. Majority of CNG and LPG kits by default come with open loop, which is highly preferred over closed loop system.

Closed Loop System Kits
Manufactured using high quality raw material, Closed Loop System Kit is another good option to be considered. This kit comes with Lambda Controller ECU/Stepper Motor/MPFI Emulator and automatic gas regulation system. According to customer reviews, closed loop system is low on maintenance, and offers better mileage and smooth pick-up too. If compared in terms of price, closed loop system is costlier than open loop. But, closed loop system also has some added advantages over open loop.
“Which type of CNG/LPG kit is best for your car”, is a question that only a skilled and experienced person from this industry can answer rightly.